In the context of a purchase of credits, supporting documents are necessary. They are not necessarily the same depending on your situation, the guide of the redemption of credits you needle.

What are the documents needed for a credit redemption?

What are the documents needed for a credit redemption?

The lending institution needs an overview of the borrower’s situation. Without it, he can not comment on the feasibility of the buyout. Lending agencies seek to minimize their risks to the maximum, to do this they demand perfect transparency from their customers.

To make sure of your identity

  • An ID
  • Your family booklet
  • Your marriage contract (if concerned)
  • Your divorce judgment (if concerned)
  • Proof of address (electricity, telephone, water,…)

To know your financial situation

If you are an employee

  • Last 3 payslips
  • Salary bulletin of the month of December of the previous year
  • Your employment contract with the date of entry into the company
  • Non-professional regular income receipts
  • Your last tax notice

If you are retired or disabled

  • Latest newsletters of all your pensions
  • Last annual summary of all your pensions (the one to provide with taxes)
  • Proof of other income

If you are unemployed

  • Amount of unemployment benefit
  • Copy of the indemnity agreement (amount and duration)
  • Proof of other income

If you are self-employed: liberal profession, craftsman, trader,…

  • 3 last declarations 2035 or last 3 tax packages
  • Last 3 tax notices
  • Proof of other income

To know all of your debts

  • Bank statements of all your accounts over the last 3 months
  • A RIB for the collection of the monthly installment of credit
  • Your latest transaction records for revolving credits
  • Loan offers and amortization tables of your consumer loans
  • Loan offers and amortization schedules of your home loans
  • Proof of tax debts, employer loan, family loan,…
  • Paid pensions (children, former spouse,…)

To know your real estate heritage

If you are a tenant
  • 3 last rent receipts
  • Last tax of dwelling
If you own
  • Copy of the deed of purchase made before the notary
  • Estimation of the property by a notary or a real estate professional
  • Last tax of dwelling
  • Last land tax
Namely: If you borrow two, all documents will be provided for both borrowers.
Your request for financing
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A credit commits you and must be repaid, check your repayment capabilities before you commit.

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