Do you think that the solution to your financial situation could be a Fast mortgage , or so-called mortgage loan without purpose. The name itself – thanks to the word mortgage – can be a bit misleading. But the US mortgage is not just for the purchase of real estate, but can be a loan for virtually anything. Visit for a summary

Non-bank Fast mortgage 


Although the bank does not investigate what you intend to use the loan, it is subject to creditworthiness testing, registry checks, and a long series of administrative acts postponing the raising of money. The solution is a non-bank Fast mortgage , with which you worry.

Fast mortgage from GFIC Credit allows you to get money quickly and comfortably and with an interest of 7.99% pa Nobody will ask you what your money needs and it is up to you how to use it. Someone fulfills the wishes and buys or reconstructs the house, others invest in the business.

Consolidate existing loans


Often money is used to consolidate existing loans, which burden clients with high repayments. Normally, money is also used to equip a household, to buy a car, or to bridge the current unfavorable financial situation.

An Fast mortgage without a registry is the solution for all. It allows you to get the necessary amount even if you are on maternity leave, currently unemployed, or you cannot or simply do not want to prove your income for any reason.

The amount of money that can be obtained ranges from one hundred thousand to millions, and the maturity can be up to twenty years.

Payment options


It depends only on your wishes and payment options. It is important to know that the guarantee for the loan is your property, the professional estimate of which the company will provide for free.

You do not pay any fees in advance, and as usual, you will not see any more hidden. To get an Fast mortgage, simply fill out a non-binding application on the website of the providing company. Its staff will then take care of everything needed. The speed with which your application will be processed will surely pleasantly surprise you. 

Non bank fast loans


If you want to know more about non bank fast loans, we are glad to help you. Just keep in touch with our company. We will share tips of how to get mortgage loans easily. You don’t need to have collateral and guarantor to get the mortgage you need. Stay positive and Good Luck!