In the case of a personal loan, the bank primarily considers our payment as security to get your money back. The terms of the loan depend heavily on our income conditions.

Unlike larger loans, a loan does not involve real estate depositing, but we need to have a stable and verifiable monthly income as collateral to take the banks seriously.

Not all benefits and income are considered income

Not all benefits and income are considered income

What we can call income is a nuanced question, anyway, getting a salary pocket, working in a family business is not a good omen for borrowing.

Only clearly identifiable, paperable, unpaid income or other income – scholarships, GYES, GYED and much more – qualifies for financial institutions.

The amount of our regular income determines, among other things, the maximum loan we can borrow: the ceiling is the amount of our annual income.

There are loans that can be claimed for $ 68,000 in monthly revenue. However, the more we earn each month, the more secure our financial position is, the more “pampered” we are. The goal is obviously to make such customers the largest share of borrowers and to minimize the risky subject – which is a perfectly understandable line of thought for the bank.

Let’s see the numbers!


These are surprisingly serious differences. In a comparison, if the monthly total income is over $ 250 000, recorded HUF 1 million, calculated at 3 years maturity repayable in 32 thousand forints a month. If we have a lower income, the personal loan will cost us $ 34,000 a month. With the entire maturity, the same loan is 70,000 HUF cheaper for a person with a sufficiently high income.

There is a “premium loan” for those with premium income, where customers with a quarter of a million proven income come out more than $ 100,000 .

What do we need to do to get the best possible loan?

What do we need to do to get the best possible loan?

The most important thing is to take the credit base income seriously so that we can provide the highest possible coverage. We compute all kinds of income and submit it and try to patch our income as we can earn huge amounts with it.