Devoleena and Rucha in Saath nibhana saathiya

Fashion You Can Copy From Indian Tv Shows like Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Indian tv shows have always been vibrant with bright colors, heavy accessories and makeup. One thing thats for sure is that they portray Indian attire very well, everything from what modern women wear to what housewives wear.

Sometimes it does go overboard but that is acceptable. A lot of tv shows invest a lot of time in researching what there character will wear and to do so they much always keep upto trends.

This is very helpful to us as we can just see what they wear and try to copy them.

Shows like saath nibhana saathiya have lot of drama and vibrant characters. Recently the show took a 4 year leap and after that the characters have become of different categories.

Such as there is a widow, family members living in chawl, rich family members.

This is a small clip from the recent episode and you can see the dresses they are wearing are all top notch. Apart from being well made they are also colorful, fashionable and happening.

This show recently completed 1000 episodes so there must be something that they are doing right which is keeping young girls and guys hooked onto there screens watching it. I think it has a lot to do with there style, if you have seen the show you will know when they are in normal attire even then they look quite fashionable.

Anyways as you can see even though the makeup and dresses are very heavy the entire attire is quite Indian and the way they color match along with accessories bring out the best in the dresses.

I am sure that there are more examples that are available online such as casual attires, business attires etc that you can get your inspiration from.