You can borrow money for up to 8 years. If you are interested in this loan, take a look at the conditions and how much you will pay on the fees for this loan from Good Finance. The basic parameters of this Good Finance consumer loan are as follows: The minimum loan amount is USD 20000. You can borrow a maximum of USD 500000.

Consumer loan without collateral from Good Finance 

Consumer loan without collateral from Good Finance 

The maturity can range from 12 to 96 months (ie from one year to 8 years). The minimum interest rate for this loan from Good Finance is 9.5%. The specific interest rate then depends on the set maturity and based on the agreed loan amount.

Upon successful approval, Good Finance will automatically deduct 1% of the loan amount as a loan processing fee. The minimum amount of this fee is from USD 500, the maximum amount is then unlimited (ie maximum 1% of the loaned amount).

You will also pay a regular annual fee for the management and maintenance of the loan with Good Finance. This bank is set at USD 600 per year (ie USD 50 per month). However, the price of this loan does not include insurance against inability to pay or long-term incapacity for work. Neither accident insurance with permanent consequences or death. If you are interested in such insurance of your loan, you have to arrange it individually somewhere else.

In order to obtain a loan from Good Finance


It is necessary to present ordinary personal documents proving your identity. Two different documents need to be presented (for example, an identity card, birth certificate, driver’s license, firearms license or passport). You must also be at least 18 years old and resident in the Czech Republic.

Last but not least, Good Finance demands proof of your ability to repay the borrowed money. This means providing proof of income or other evidence that proves your ability to meet your obligations. In the case of entrepreneurs or self-employed persons, this can be, for example, the submission of tax returns for the previous period.